I wonder if there are aliens.
You know, life that lives on Mars.
Or critters on some other planet
Way out among the stars.

I wonder if there are folks like us,
At least in how they ponder.
Wonderin’ if some life exists
Way out in the yonder.

The universe is a great big place;
Full of so much we don’t know
Stars so distant they can’t be seen
And planets all aglow.

And I’ve a hunch that way out there,
In some far off world unseen,
There are critters living out their lives
Just like they’ve always been. 

In the movies, and on TV shows
Aliens always mean us harm.
They attack the cities here on earth,
And every middlesex, village and farm.

They attack us people with ray guns
And set the world ablaze.
They try to kill all living things,
Or turn us into slaves.

And every year some news report
Tells of someone who was taken,
Aboard a flying saucer ship;
Then released unharmed but shaken.

Sure, meeting aliens would be
Something pretty scary.
But they’d be nervous just like us
And perhaps a little wary.

But I don’t think that aliens
Would travel ‘cross the space,
Just to kill the things they find
Then leave without a trace.

If aliens ever come to us
In space ships fast as light,
I think they’d come with good intent
And not give us a fright.

So maybe we should look at them
(And I hope they look at us)
As friends who only just now met,
And forget about all the fuss.

We should warmly shake their hand
Just try to act sensible.
And if they haven’t got a hand,
Shake their claw or tentacle.

So the next time on some lonely night
While you stare up at the stars;
If you see a bright light coming down,
Probably be an Unidentified Friend of Ours.

© 2003 Skimmer

Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841