Be Still

(Christmas 2003)

Iím gonna tell you a secret,
Something only you and I will know.
And so nobody else can hear
Iím gonna keep my voice low.

Itís something I learned late one year
Around the yuletide season,
While wanderiní in the nearby woods,
And now youíll know the reason:

That every chance I get I take
To walk beneath the trees,
And follow paths that lead me to
Places no one else can see.

Deep somewhere within those woods
Far from noises and from clatters,
I lose the urge to rush about
I do one thing that really matters.

I lean against some towering tree
Up on the wooded hill.
I clear my mind of everything.
And I let myself be still.

And if Iím oh so very lucky
For a second, maybe a minute,
I feel as one with all the world
And I know my place within it.

Itís just a fleeting moment really,
A fleeting feeling in a place.
But it letís me know I am alive
And I am filled with grace.

And the more I think about this feeling
As I lean against that tree,
The more I know itís everywhere.
It comes from deep in me.

I first found this place on a snowy eve,
Deep in the Christmas season,
But Iíve found it since all through the year
And here, I thinkís the reason:

See, peace isnít just a time of year
Or just some destination
Peace is knowing oh so sure,
I am part of all creation.

The peace I found deep in the woods
The peace that you can find,
Isnít just a place to be;
Itís a place inside your mind.

In your troubled times or times of need,
Or when your spirit needs rebirth,
Go to that special hidden place
And find your peace on earth.

© 2003 Skimmer.


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
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