About Dogs

(For Ryan and for Rascal)

People keep all kinds of pets
Pets with fur or feathers or fin.
Pets that run, that swim or fly;
Pets kept outside; and some in.

Iíve had a lot of different pets.
And theyíve each been good you see.
But its only dogs I most can say
That became a part of me.

A dog it gives its heart complete.
Gives it right to you.
And Ďfore you know it, just guess what?
You given away your heart too.

Dogs they donít need very much
Then to us be always near.
Not asking nothiní in return;
Maybe a scratch behind the ear.

ĎCourse a dog it think it very lucky
If you scratch it on the belly.
Or give it some treat from the table,
Maybe toast covered in jelly.

Sometimes the whole world, it lets you down
And friends with you wonít stand;
But a dog will stick right by your side
Most likely itíll lick your hand.

Some dogs Iíve had they hardly lick at all;
And some dogs that slobber your face.
But every dog Iíve ever known
Will lick at their private place.

Sure dogs they have some habits
That are best left just unspoken.
But dogs are peopleís truest friends.
A dogís promise is unbroken.

Dogs they like the silliest games
From sun-up, all the day:
Fetchiní sticks and balls and such.
Dogs just love to play.

Dogs, you know, they read our minds.
They know all of our emotions.
And they often feel just as we feel
Their life is one of devotion.

They say a dog lives some seven years
For each one that we do.
I canít say for sure thatís right
Though I know that sevenís too few.

In the time that dogs walk on the earth
They bring happiness and joy
To the folks that call them by their name,
Or call them good girl, or boy. 

Itís said that every dog has itís day
But time passes; so do all.
There comes that day when a dog grows old
Canít run or fetch that ball.

A dogís legs they weaken; ears grow deaf.
Itís like a calling from above.
A dogís eyes start growiní dimmer,
But a dog never loses love.

So then a sad day, it comes around
When two best friends are parted.
A dog it breathes its final breath,
And leaves us broken hearted.

When a dog has left this earthly life
And we are all alone;
We remember things about our friend
As we wander Ďround our home.

Thereís empty space down deep inside us
That we can never fill.
A space that our dog filled so fully,
And no other dog it will.

But thats okay, it isnít right,
To give our hearts away.
To any dog we see about,
Any dog that comes our way.

But for every dog that goes away,
I think God another will send.
Some cute little puppy, wagginí its tail,
A dog wishiní to be your best friend.

© 2003 Skimmer.


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841