Some folks I know arenít sure Ďbout God;
And some folks pray every day..
Some donít think that there is a God
And some think the other way.

Iím not sure which way it is,
That there is a God or not.
And if I ever had the answer,
Well, itís an answer that I forgot.

Sure, this world is a troubled place
With so much jealousy and fighting.
And people die all of the time,
From volcanos, wars and lightning.

But you know, sometimes I see a thing
That makes me stop and ponder,
And makes me ask, "Howíd this become?"
And my heart, it fills with wonder.

I see stars shine bright on winter nights
And full moons up in the sky
I see planets glowing oh so bright,
And shooting stars passing by.

I see forests deep and oceans wide
And seasons come and go;
I see summer days that never end
And winter blizzards blow.

I feel the morning dew on grass
And see rainbows after a storm
I feel cold winds on darkened nights
And draw close to fires warm.

I see how each year spring returns
With birds and flowers and bees.
I see them all fly south again
With the changing colored leaves.

I stroll through fields of grasses tall
And rest by mountain streams
I see the surf on ocean shores,
Even see it in my dreams.

And after seeing all these things
And all the beauty thatís about
I come to wonder how it is
And I start to lose my doubt.

Still, I canít be sure thereís God;
And if you asked me I wouldnít bet it.
But when I look around this world, I ask,
"So who gets all the credit?"

© 2003 Skimmer


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841