Like everyone I’ve been amazed,
At the pictures being sent from Mars,
Pictures taken by robot rovers
Running around like little cars.

Spirit and Opportunity 
Have opened up our eyes,
To a land we’d never seen so close
Beneath the reddened skies.

The rovers traveled so very far,
Three hundred million miles or more
Then landed on the Martian soil
Like explorers on a shore.

Then quickly they did set about
Following radio orders
Looking for the kinds of rocks
That are formed or shaped by waters.

Of course rovers don’t move very fast
Or travel all that far.
They’re not like Martian SUV’s,
They’re more like matchbox cars.

See, rovers are powered by the sun
So at nightime they’re asleep.
They can’t climb to a mountain top,
Or a valley that’s too deep.

They roamed about the planet Mars,
Far longer than we thought,
Seems rovers were much better built
Than any car I’ve bought.

The rovers made a one-way trip
When they journied from this earth;
And when their missions last are done,
So too will be their worth.

Pretty soon, the day will come
When rovers don’t explore.
Here on earth we’ll flip a switch
And they’ll hear from us no more.

Years from now, on other missions
To other planets, and even stars;
We’ll forget about Spirit and Opportunity
Maybe, even forget about Mars.

Our eyes will gaze to worlds unknown,
Far past the planets near,
We’ll explore the universe beyond
This system we hold dear.

But I got this feeling, some day far-off,
When we’ve forgotten the rovers’ roam;
A lonely signal will be sent to earth:
"Bring me home, bring me home, bring me home..."

© 2004 Skimmer


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841