If I had a pair of wings
But only for one day,
I would rise before the sun
And Id be on my way.

At first Id fly close by my home
To look down from above,
As dawn awakes familiar friends
And family that I love.

But quickly Id be on my way
To see the forest trees;
Id say hello to finch and jay
And all the chickadees.

Id try to find a group of crows
That caw and make such chatter,
And try to figure out just once
What crows think is the matter.

Id fly across the village near
Above the highest spire,
And if I cloud came passing by
Well I would fly much higher!

Id soar with hawks and eagles too
On updrafts from the land;
Then float with gulls along a shore
Of crashing waves on sand.

Id like to fly around the world,
See lands of every kind.
But I only have one day with wings
So I dont think Id have time.

As the sun begins to set
And the lengths of shadows grow,
Id fly along a rushing stream
As to the sea it flows.

When last light fades into the west
And first stars grace the sky,
Id linger longer than I should
On the one day I could fly.

Then as the moon slowly ascends
To usher in the night,
Id flap my wings a few more times
To join owl in its flight.

Its hard to end a day so good
A day when I have flown;
A day not like another one
In all the years Ive grown.

At last Id know the time was here
To come back to the ground. 
Id softly land outside my home
With one last flapping sound.

Id retire for the night to come
But before dreams fill my sleep,
Id say a prayer and make a wish
For wings that I could keep.

2005 Skimmer


Skimmer Poems Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
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