Poison Ivy

I hear that mareseatoats, and doeseatoats,
And little lambseativy.
But Iíve hardly eaten anything 
Since I got the poison ivy.

Itís not that Iím not hungry a bit,
Or that my appetite has waned,
Itís just that all this itching stuff
It makes me quite insane.

There are bumps and blisters up and down
My left leg and my right,
Thereís even ivy on my arms
And I look a frightful sight.

And all these bumps they itch so much
Itís more than I can stand,
So I just keep on scratchiní them,
Usiní both my hands.

With my hands so busy scratchiní hard,
All morning, night and noon
My hands ainít had the time enough
To lift a fork or spoon.

So I been lately skippiní meals
And Iím startiní to lose weight.
And if youíre fixiní dinner now,
No need to set my plate.

Iíll be off somewhere a scratchiní fool,
In famished misery.
Iíll be wishiní that the ivyís poison
Soon goes away from me.

Iím hopiní soon Iíll be all rid,
Of this horrible affliction,
And ifín it be over soon,
Iíll be headiní for the kitchen.

© 2002 Skimmer


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841