There’re so many kinds of bugs
There’re are big ones and there’re small.
Some that crawl and some that fly,
But none of them are tall.

There are bugs that find their homes
In water; and some under rocks.
Some that live up in the trees;
I hope none live in my socks!

Some bugs eat the other bugs.
And some eat rotten things.
Most bugs never make a sound
And some they always sings.

Bugs they fly or crawl all day.
But some bugs like the night.
Most bugs I don’t mind at all
Though some give me the frights.

Bugs are food for things that fly,
Or things that walk around.
Bugs are food for things that swim,
Or dig under the ground.

Some bugs have no legs at all
And some bugs they have lots.
Most bugs they be pretty plain
But some have stripes or spots.

Bugs they have these little brains
So they don’t think too much.
They’re just happy to be bugs
They don’t worry, fret and such.

Bugs they’ll mostly leave you be
And they’ll stay out of sight.
But some bugs want to eat you up
So don’t let the bed bugs bite!

© 2001 Skimmer.


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841