Christmas at the Pond

Mostly when I write these words
‘Bout the critters at the pond,
I am writing ‘bout summertime;
Of which I’m ‘specially fond.

But there’s another time of year I like,
And it comes in late December.
It’s Christmas in all nature’s world
And its something to remember.

It’s a time when woods are oh so quiet,
And the fields they are so still.
And the pond it lays not quite asleep
Near frozen by winter’s chill.

But if you come in secretly
And keep your breathing low,
You’ll find Christmas in the out-of-doors
Blanketed deep in snow.

Now if your lucky and don’t make noise
You might get a chance to see
All the minnows decorating
The minnow Christmas tree.

You’ll see frogs hang out their froggy wreaths
And send cards to all they know
Snakes you’ll see wrapping Christmas presents.
Snakes are good at tying bows.

You’ll see turtles, bugs and flying birds
Rushin’ this way, and then that.
Getting ready for a Christmas Day
Maybe wearing a Santa’s hat.

And at midnight on Christmas Eve
All the critters gather ‘round
To sing a joyous, Christmas song,
A most heavenly, sacred sound.

The stars shine down so sparkly bright
Their own chorus they do bring
I guess that’s why the carol says
"And heaven and nature sing."

And then you’ll know that Christmas Day
And the little baby’s birth
Was not just for two-legged folks
But for all the critters on earth.

So from the pond, and from meadows broad;
From the woods with trees so tall;
From the fields, and from the sky above,
"Merry Christmas to one and all."

© 2001 Skimmer
Christmas 2001


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841