I say a lot about the minnows,
But I shouldn’t forget them frogs.
Frogs just be all over the pond!
Sometimes they sit on logs.

Frogs will sit all through the day,
And wait for their food to come.
And if no food comes driftin’ by,
Well, they just enjoy the sun.

They’ll sit in the cattails or grasses
Or wherever they’ve a hunch
And they’ll sit there oh so stilly
‘Til suddenly they have lunch!

I know that frogs can hold their breath
Much longer than I might.
Sometimes they jump into the water
And for an hour they’re out of sight.

Frogs they are good swimmers,
Their bodies oh so fit.
They can swim across the pond
Just like lickity-split.

I think that frogs, they pee a lot.
But I don’t think it’s a sin.
If I was settin’ in water all day,
I couldn’t hold it in!

Frogs, at times, they croak a lot.
First one, then all the rest.
They just sing a holy choral song,
And each one does their best.

At night, oh the frogs they sing!
And they sure keep me awake.
Sometimes I go to the window and shout,
"Be quiet for goodness sake!"

Frogs are pretty shy I think.
For when I come near they jump,
Into the water of the pond
With a splash and a kerplunk.

In winter the frogs crawl very deep
Into the pond’s thick, gooey muck.
And there they stay, just sound alseep,
As if’n they be stuck.

Sometimes I wonder if I might
Like to be a frog for a while.
I could sleep all through the winter
Asleep in the mud with a smile.

So next time that you see a frog,
I hope you won’t forget:
Frogs jus’ critters like ourselves,
And they deserve respect.

© 2001 Skimmer.


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841