Ya never know when youíll meet a snake.
But you can be pretty sure of where.
Snakes they got their favorite places
Where they like to lie and stare.

Ya might find snakes deep in the woods
But they donít mean you harm.
Iíve never had a snake bite my leg
Or my feet, or on the arm..

Iíve seen snakes moviní in the grass
Or hidiní in a wood pile.
Iíve seen snakes up in the trees;
But only once in a while.

Once I saw a snake in the pond,
And he be swimminí around.
But he didnít mind me, didnít say a thing.
Snakes hardly make a sound.

Iíve seen snakes in the rocky walls,
Just sittiní there sunniní themselves.
Warminí up their long thin bodies,
And doiní little else.

Ya see, snakes they are cool-blooded;
Itís hard for them to get hot.
So they sleep most of the time
In a warm and sunny spot.

Once theyíre warm, a snake might think
That itís time for them to eat.
Snakes they eat a lotta things.
They eat plants and bugs and meat.

Snakes they got these amaziní mouths
That can open oh so wide!
They can eat things bigger than themselves.
And swallow them inside.

Snakes have no legs, as evíone knows.
But they can still move fast.
Jusí when ya see a snake a-cominí,
That snakeís already passed!

I donít think snakes like people much,
But I canít give them no blame.
People donít like snakes that much,
And they give Ďem a bad name.

If snakes had a name like kangaroo
Or any critter soft and hairy;
If we called snakes giraffe or panda bear
Then they might not be so scary.

But hereís the way I look at snakes:
(And itís taken me a while.)
Snakes donít mean to frightení us
They just want to live and smile.

Donít think of snakes as yucky things
That hiss, and rattle, and bite.
Think of snakes as oh so shy
That would rather be outta sight.

Ya say youíre scared of snakes? Guess what!
Snakes are scarder than you be.
And thatís why snakes hide most the time
And them ya hardly see.

© 2001 Skimmer.


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841