Some folks I know are scared of turtles
But I don’t know the reasons why.
Perhaps they think a turtle’s cunning,
Or maybe the turtle sly.

Sure turtles are strange critters,
They can swim or walk on land.
Their arms are like a fish’s fins
But also they’re like hands.

Of course the snapper turtle, as you know
Is all in all a different story.
A snapper turtle you best respect
Or things might get real gory.

A snapper turtle, it eats meat!
It’ll even eat a duck!
And if you go too near to them,
Well, I wish you a lot of luck.

But most the turtles are really kind
And yes they are some shy.
They’ll leave before you get too near
They don’t stop to say goodbye.

You could say the turtles live in a shell,
And you’d be mighty right.
Turtles never leave their homes.
They don’t go out at night.

A turtle lives where ever it be,
Stuck inside that hard-shelled dome.
And no matter how far the turtle goes,
The turtle is still at home.

You’d think a turtle was a bird
‘Cause a turtle it lays eggs.
But it doesn’t make a nest of twigs
It digs a hole with its powerful legs.

Then the turtle walks away
And heads back to the waters.
So all those eggs are on their own
To become turtle sons and daughters.

There are turtles that swim across the ocean
Three thousand miles or more.
And in some places you can find
Turtle meat in the grocery store.

But it don’t seem fair to catch a thing
That only can move slow.
I think if I caught one of them,
That I’d just let it go.

Turtles are amazin’ critters.
They’ve been around so long
So don’t do turtles any harm
Don’t do turtles any wrong.

If you just leave the turtles be,
And don’t give them a fright
Turtles they’ll leave you alone;
And you they’ll never bite.

© 2003 Skimmer


Skimmer Poems © Robert Hartnett 2005
Robert Hartnett
(518) 296-8841